Saturday, 20 October 2012

Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are those nouns that denote a group of people, animals, objects, concepts or ideas as a single entity.

1.     A class of students.
2.    An army of soldiers.
3.    A choir of singers.
4.    A crew of sailors.
5.    A band of musicians.
6.    A crowd of spectators.
7.    A gang of thieves.
8.    A group of dancers.
9.    A team of players.
10.  A troupe of dancers.
11.   A pack of thieves.
12.  A staff of employees.
13.  A tribe of natives.
14.  An audience of listeners.
15.  A panel of experts.
16.  A flock of tourists.
17.  A board of directors.
1.     A catch of fish.
2.    An army of ants.
3.    A flock of birds.
4.    A haul of fish.
5.    A flock of sheep.
6.    A herd of elephants
7.    A hive of bees.
8.    A litter of cubs.
9.    A host of sparrows.
10.  A team of horses.
11.   A troop of lions.
12.  A zoo of wild animals.
13.  A pack of wolves.
14.  A litter of puppies
15.  A swarm of bees
16.  A team of horses
17.  A kennel of dogs.
18. A pride of lions.
1.     A group of islands.
2.    A galaxy of stars.
3.    A stack of wood.
4.    A fleet of ships.
5.    A string of pearls.
6.    An album of stamps.
7.   A flight of stairs.
8.    A hedge of bushes.
9.    A library of books.
10.    A basket of fruits.
11.  A bowl of rice.
12.   A pack of cards.
13.  A pair of shoes.
14.  A bouquet of flowers.
15.  A bunch of keys.
16.  A chest of drawers.
17.  A range of mountains.
18.  A cloud of dust.


Fill in the blanks with the correct collective nouns.

1. We saw a __________ of lions in the safari park.

2.We can see a __________ of fish swimming in the crystal clear water.

3. The children were tired after climbing up a __________of stairs.

4. Marina took a _________ of cake from the box.

5. She puts a ___________ of photographs on the shelf.

6. A _________ of dancers will perform at the Chin Woo Hall tonight.

Wants to learn more?
Please click the link below to see more collective nouns with attractive pictures.

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