Wednesday, 10 October 2012

STORY -  Can't be angry more

Maybe you will think about a dog hiding things.
Susie's dog, loved to hide things,
maybe some sticks,
bones, rubber balls, newspapers,
but especially shoes.
So they called him 'Hide.'
Nobody ever knew where their shoes were,
because he was always taking them from one room to another.
Once, he took Susie's favorite doll, and left it in the garden.
Susie was very angry,
and Hide went and hid under the table.
Next day,
Susie and her mother, and Hide went to the park.
Susie put the doll down on a bench,
while she went on the swings.
When they got home, Susie said suddenly.
'I've lost my doll.'
'It's that wicked Hide'
'he had taken my doll again.'
Hide ran off,
and Susie cried and cried,
because she thought Hide had taken her doll and lost it in the park.
Then they heard a scratching at the door,
and there was Hide.
holding the doll gently in his mouth.
He had gone back and fetched it from the park bench where Susie had left it.
Susie hugged him and said.
'Oh, thank you, Hide'
'I'll never be angry with you again.'
Hide was waving his tail.

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